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EmpowerSaves is an Ohio attic insulation company focused on home energy savings. Schedule your Free attic insulation assessment now to see how you can save. Unlike other energy efficiency inspections, our process is quick and effective.

Your path to Home Energy Savings


We analyze your homes energy usage data, square footage of your home and NOAA weather data. By analyzing millions of data points, we’ve designed the EmpowerSaves Energy Efficiency Package that saves our customers more money per month than they will spend to install our package.

FREE Attic Inspection

A quick look in your attic allows us to determine your exact insulation needs. We provide you with monthly costs, projected monthly energy savings and schedule your installation. This custom package uses environmentally-responsible Owens Corning insulation and is installed by your local Owens Corning Preferred Contractor.

FLEXIBLE Financing

The key to the EmpowerSaves Energy Efficiency Package is our financing. That’s right, low monthly payments and no money upfront! We finance your project in an effort to save you more money per month than the monthly cost. Most homeowners in your service area will see savings greater than the cost.

We partnered with Owens Corning

As a proud partner of Owens Corning, a global leader in insulation materials, we use only the best quality materials with proven R-Value and local Owens Corning Preferred Contractors for installation.

What our customers say

“So happy to have a team of professionals interested in helping me make sure my house is energy efficient and saving me money.”

Rama K.
Hyde Park, Ohio, 45208

“The team at Empower completed our assessment and found that our 1922 home had no attic insulation except wood and drywall. Within a couple of days they had a contractor at our house who was knowledgeable, helpful and did excellent work on our large Tudor. I can’t wait to see the effect on my next heating bill!”

David P.
Cincinnati, OH 41073

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EmpowerSaves has crafted a financing solution that allows you to start saving immediately with no cost to you. We look forward to sharing more information with you during your free attic inspection and home energy assessment.

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