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Our products and services protect your home from extreme heat and cold, and your family from molds, virus and rodents.

EmpowerSaves has already saved enough energy to…

Equal 264 gas vehicles removed from the road

Charge 155,589,311 cell phones

Protect 1,593 acres of forest

Save Money. Save the Planet.

Our Insulation Projects In Action

Happy to Have a Team of Professionals

“So happy to have a team of professionals interested in helping me make sure my house is energy efficient and saving me money.”

Rama K.

Hyde Park, OH 45308

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“The team at Empower completed our assessment and found that our 1922 home had no attic insulation except wood and drywall. Within a couple of days they had a contractor at our house who was knowledgeable, helpful and did excellent work on our large Tudor. I can’t wait to see the effect on my next heating bill!”

David P.

Cincinnati, OH 41073