Empower G&E Launches “Pay As You Save” (PAYS) Energy Efficiency Program for Homeowners in Greater Cincinnati

Empower PAYS No Money Down/No Interest Financing Program Leverages Duke Class Benefit Fund

The energy efficiency program provides Greater Cincinnati homeowners an affordable way to save up to 30% on their energy bills. The package, called EmpowerSaves, includes professional installation of Owens Corning attic insulation, air sealing of the attic area and an ecobee smart thermostat energy management system.
Installation is performed by local Owens Corning Preferred Contractors. Homeowners can pay for the package through the Empower PAYS option which leverages the recently-funded Duke Class Benefit Fund. This option allows homeowners to make monthly payments on the EmpowerSaves package through the energy savings the homeowner will realize month after month.
“Essentially, we can help homeowners finance the install of this energy efficiency package with no money down and no interest,” said Larry Gordon, CEO of Empower G&E. “The monthly cost is charged to your credit card, and then you will see the savings on your monthly energy bills. Many people will see a net neutral or even a higher savings amount than the monthly cost for the energy efficiency package.”
Mr. Gordon cited that Greater Cincinnati homeowners that have already installed the EmpowerSaves package are saving an average of $500 per year. “Homeowners can go to EmpowerSaves.com, provide their address information, and see exactly how much money they can save per year with our EmpowerSaves package. The EmpowerSaves.com technology and dashboard makes purchasing the package simple and informative.”
“This is such a simple way to put more money into the pockets of Cincinnati residents,” Tremaine Phillips, Director of Strategic Initiatives for Empower G&E added. “And it’s a meaningful amount of money a family can save. $500 or more per year means a family weekend getaway, the kids school clothes or a generous contribution to a college savings fund.”
As noted, the Empower PAYS payment option is available to all Greater Cincinnati homeowners in the Duke Energy service area. Funding for this payment is provided through the Duke Class Benefit Fund. The Cincinnati Development Fund, a local nonprofit lending institution that fills a gap not covered by traditional lenders, is the fiduciary overseeing this portion of the Duke Class Benefit Fund.
Homeowners can go to EmpowerSaves.com to see how much money they can save on their energy bills with the EmpowerSaves energy efficiency package.
About Empower G&E
Empower G&E, LLC is a data analytics and software as a service provider in the energy efficiency space. The company works with clients including utilities, manufacturers of brand name products and commercial businesses with multiple locations. Clients include Owens Corning (products and their preferred contractor network), ecobee Smart Thermostat and Duke Energy.
The EmpowerSaves.com dashboard is a proprietary system that matches homeowners with energy saving products and services, financing and available rebates.