Forest Park grows its home improvement program with Empower G&E

Forest Park grows its home improvement program with Empower G&E

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Author: Jenny Key, [email protected]
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The Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program is lending a hand to more residents who want to take advantage of the the city’s Home Improvement Program.

Currently the city is partnering with People Working Cooperatively, a non-profit organization that provides winterizations and interior home repairs to individuals in low-income, elderly, and disabled households at no cost. Beginning Sept. 1, the city has a new partner in its quest to help residents keep their property in good shape – Empower Gas & Electric.
EG&E will provide energy efficiency improvements to small businesses, homeowners and renters that have a combined income that exceeds PWC’s income requirements. Subsidies of up to $500 and rebates up to $250 will be provided to help offset the installation costs.
Improvements that can also help reduce energy bills by $300 to $1,000 per year include attic insulation, sealing of attic spaces, basements and duct work, installation of smart thermostats and lighting improvements such as switching incandescent bulbs for LEDs.
“This new addition to our Home Improvement Program finally completes what the city has been trying to develop for years – a truly comprehensive program for the Forest Park community,” Forest Park environmental manager Wright Gwyn said.
“We are pleased to partner with Empower G&E to provide the missing pieces to our program. This partnership will not only help our residents save money on their energy bills, but it will also help our environment.”
Empower G&E will offer individuals a free, one-hour energy efficiency assessment to determine if their business or home will save energy and money through new insulation, lighting, a smart thermostat and other low-cost, high-savings measures. After the assessment, they will be presented with a proposal to install improvements.
Home improvements and energy efficiency is for everyone – small businesses, homeowners and renters too,” Forest Park City Mayor Charles Johnson. “By partnering with People Working Cooperatively and Empower G&E, the city can now help more people improve their businesses and homes while also lowering their energy bills.”
The Empower program will also work closely with landlords. Interested landlords could realize improved buildings, an increase in property value, and more comfortable and marketable properties. Empower’s work with landlords makes energy efficiency accessible to renters who would otherwise not be candidates for energy efficiency improvement.

Household eligibility requirements

Your “Total Household Annual Income” determines which company you will need to contact. Contact People Working Cooperatively if your household income is equal to or less than those identified below. Contact Empower Gas & Electric if your household income is higher than identified below.

  • One person household: $38,000
  • Two person household: $44,000
  • Three person household: $49,500
  • Four person household: $54,950
  • Five person household: $59,350
  • Six person household: $63,750
  • Seven person household: $68,150
  • Eight person household: $72,550

For more information, to start the application process, or to schedule a free assessment:

Contact the Forest Park Environmental Awareness Program at 513-595-5263 or see the website at
Reach People Working Cooperatively at 513-482-5110 or visit [email protected] for more information.
You can reach Empower Gas & Electric at 855-343-7884 or visit