Services & Solutions

Data Management with Predictive Analysis

This is a powerful database with machine learning capabilities that uses a large number of inputs of unstructured data, and structures it to become a useful analytic and marketing tool. It comes pre-stocked with the results of the predictive analysis on energy product needs and also adds to that data to become more accurate and powerful over time.

The engine consolidates multiple data streams:

  • Electricity consumption history
  • Natural gas consumption history
  • Region specific weather histories
  • County auditor data
  • Other sources as needed


Each of these sources independently provides information about a building’s needs or characteristics. When each set is available and can be triangulated by location, an understanding of daily heating and cooling energy consumption can be generated.

These performance profiles allows our partners to focus marketing resources on potential customers whose need are the highest, where return-on-investment is the shortest, and where the measured success of a project will be highest.

The energy performance models developed also provide a benchmark to measure against after energy efficiency improvements are installed in the building. Consequently, measurement and verification can be conducted after installation once sufficient time has allowed the necessary amount of post project utility meter data to have been generated. The capabilities have been tested to process 1 million data sets in under 7 minutes.

Integrate your own data into our BOLT system for even richer, actionable solutions.

Digital Marketing Module

The Digital Marketing Module allows partners to efficiently generate customer leads and build custom segmentations of marketplaces to provide a lower cost of acquisition. We then use our in-house creative services and digital media buying experts to deliver personalized, digital messaging to those consumers most likely to need products or services. Partners can also use the data and insights in additional marketing campaigns to further refine messaging or geographic distribution.

Online Store and Web portal Module

EmpowerSave’s online store and web portal is a unique retail, sales and distribution environment. Our tools are focused purely on the energy savings marketplace, so digital visitors who come to our sites expect to receive information on how to lower their energy bills. Our web portal provides an interactive, engaging experience where users can select a variety of energy savings products and services to see how their energy costs will drop. Financing options like Pay-As-You-Save (Empower PAYS) can be presented to potential customers to show how quickly they should expect a return on investment, and further drive-down the costs for product purchase and/or installation.

Empower Customer Care and Contact Center (4C) Module

Our fully staffed and equipped center takes leads either generated through the digital marketing module or through your own digital marketing efforts, and converts those into the outcomes that you desire — primarily sales and data gathering.