David Milenthal

D. Milenthal

DAVID Milenthal

Board Chairman

David is the founder of what became Moxie, a marketing services firm now owned by Publicis, the largest marketing firm in the world. Prior to selling his company, David built what became one of the largest independently owned ad agencies in the Midwest. Mr. Milenthal steered his agency into helping regulated industries transform their culture to be successful in a de-regulated, competitive environment. Mr. Milenthal’s firm worked closely with Nationwide Insurance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, and over 20 years representing investor owned electric utilities in Ohio. At various times in his career, he was agency of record for the Ohio Electric Utility Institute (association of all Ohio utilities), Ohio Edison (now First Energy), Cinergy (now Duke), and American Electric Power.

Mr. Milenthal has built trusted relationships with C-Suite executives in all of those entities. In addition Mr. Milenthal served on the leadership group of the Smart Grid Interoperability Panel, the leading, international association in the slowly evolving new electricity grid. Before selling his firm, Mr. Milenthal was the only marketing/communication member of the prestigious Ohio Business Roundtable, the statewide association of Ohio’s major businesses. Mr. Milenthal also has significant entrée to most of the state’s major advocacy associations and community foundations.