Industry Experience

Utility Companies

Today’s utilities seek to engage more and more with the public on energy savings strategies. They want to develop programs and accelerate adoption of energy efficiency measures services and products. Utilities seek solutions on how to recommend specific energy efficiency measures that are relevant to each individual household. They want to do more than promoting products broadly without any real sense of whether the household indeed needs these products. They want to persuade customers to make behavioral changes through energy efficiency tips, products and services.

Using the BOLT platform and services, utilities develop, target and market their energy savings programs more effectively.

We provide utilities with household-level energy use data, and can apply this data to specific energy savings products or services utilities are offering to the precise customers in need. This is highly customized, relevant, targeted marketing that promotes the exact energy efficiency measures to the exact household with the exact impact your programs will have on that household’s energy use and savings. Homeowners can then take action through the platform in a seamless experience.


EmpowerSaves helps national energy efficiency product manufacturers sell directly to the buyers who are most likely to purchase. This is done through our BOLT platform, which uses household-level data to match customers to energy efficiency products and services based on precise need and energy savings potential. BOLT can also integrate data provided by our clients to further refine our targeting capabilities. Lastly, we can leverage the BOLT platform to develop customized messaging delivered through digital communications directly to the households with the highest propensity to purchase.

Customer Experience

National Brands

Large enterprises with many retail outlets want to help franchisees and corporate-owned stores drive down energy costs without employing expensive energy consultants to make on-site visits and provide empty energy savings techniques. Empower changes that by providing software and services that eliminate on-site visits, and provide highly specific and actionable analyses of how each location can save money on its energy bills through relevant products and services.

Customer Experience