Cleveland Aggregation Program

Residents and small businesses in the Cleveland proper area approved electric aggregation in 2008. We renewed our contract in 2015, and negotiated favorable electric rates from Constellation Energy. In addition, we secured Empower to offer residents and small business an affordable energy efficiency upgrade. Residents are highly encouraged to take advantage of the energy efficiency upgrades offered through Cleveland Energy$aver® and Empower because it will save you a lot of money on your energy bills.

All residents will or have received an opt-out letter that gives you the opportunity to not participate in our aggregation, negotiated electric rates. Residents and small businesses can still purchase the energy efficiency program even if you opt out of the aggregation program.

For more information about the opt-out process and aggregation, please visit Constellation Energy, Cleveland’s aggregation utility.

About Aggregation

The City of Cleveland’s aggregation program provides you the opportunity for price protection and rate stability. Aggregation brings together customers to gain group buying power for the purchase of competitively priced electricity. The City of Cleveland program was approved by voters in November 2000. The City of Cleveland selected Constellation Energy Services, Inc. to supply electricity to the City Electric Aggregation Program. As a resident or small business owner in the City of Cleveland, you are eligible to participate in this program. You will be automatically enrolled in the program unless you opt out by July 14, 2015.

Billing and Service Unchanged

Other than the price and supplier, nothing regarding your electricity service will change. You will continue to receive one monthly bill from the Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company. Cleveland Electric Illuminating Company will continue to deliver your electricity, restore power following an outage, and be responsible for maintaining the system that delivers power to your home.