The Single Essential Ingredient to Hyper Efficient Marketing Advantage

By Larry Gordon, CEO, EmpowerSaves
The Empower AI and addressable advertising platform leverages data science, programmatic ad buying and our proprietary utility databases to deliver personalized messages to individuals across all screens (PCs, mobile phones, tablets, and televisions) with the exact information for them to make a confident buying decision.   Here’s how we do it:

The marketing engine

Our proprietary data matching and onboarding processes enables us to create true, multi-channel outreach to targeted customers, powered by a single data set with allocation informed by channel preference and response models. By optimizing reach and frequency across a targeted customer audience, ROI can be 30 – 40% higher than single-channel outreach campaigns.
During the campaign, our strategists optimize performance by considering the frequency with which ads are served to each targeted customer as well as how each segment is responding—to ad creatives, to specific media channels, and during which daypart, among other variables. This data exhaust allows us to maximize performance by making real-time adjustments as the campaign progresses and to inform future campaigns.
The marketing plan includes broadcast awareness channels (informed by target density) and direct, targeted channels.  Below outlines, at a high level, the channels available that we would prioritize.  Any agreement document will need to include language regarding COH brand guidelines and an approval process for all marketing assets and channels.
We can accurately reach targeted customers on their digital devices at scale by matching offline utility customer data (e.g., mailing address, phone number, energy usage, etc.) to an addressable, online audience through a proprietary IP-to-Household matching and privacy platform, using deterministic identifiers including IP address, cookies, and TV set-top boxes.

The data load is the single essential ingredient

What is unique to Empower is that we have the utility data, and are able to load it into a digital marketing platform.  It creates the specific message to the specific individual on multiple occasions in multiple medias in the exact right time window.  For us, the form it takes is a personalized energy use dashboard.
EmpowerSaves works with utility partners to increase the sale of energy savings products and services while reducing the energy footprint of homeowners and small businesses.
EmpowerSaves’ proprietary BOLT software platform combines customer utility billing information, weather data, and property records to accurately predict the return on investment energy efficiency products and services can generate for a specific utility customer.  The platform projects energy savings and a financial return for each investment, and guides buyers through specific actions they can take to achieve those savings.
EmpowerSaves’s platform not only performs an analysis of a customer’s energy needs, but also feeds this information to our high-octane, direct digital marketing and sales system, powered by Audience Partners. By using a customer’s unique energy data to load our digital marketing and sales engine, Empower is able to help our utility partners target customers based not only on their interest, but also on their actual need for energy-related products and services.
This is a powerful database with machine learning capabilities that utilizes numerous inputs of unstructured data and organizes this information into a useful analytics and marketing dataset. It comes pre-stocked with the results of the predictive analysis on energy product needs and also adds to that data to become more accurate and powerful over time. This module includes our proprietary energy analysis engine which is built upon a foundation of internationally verified statistical utility analysis processes.
These methods are often used to capture the change in a buildings energy performance over time, calculate the impact of energy conservation measures (ECMs), verify operational changes, identify system issues, and ensure continued savings achievement.
These methods serve as a powerful guide within the residential sector, where program engagement has been limited to broad offerings to every resident. Every house is unique, so we recognize these differences. This model has proven itself for over a decade in both the academic and business sector.
The engine consolidates multiple data streams:

  • Customer electricity consumption
  • Customer natural gas consumption
  • Region specific weather history
  • County auditor data

Each of these sources independently provides information about a house’s needs or characteristics. When each set is available and can be triangulated to the location of a specific property, an understanding of daily heating and cooling energy consumption can be generated.
These performance profiles allow energy intensities to be generated for all the homes in a utility’s service territory. We then focus our resources on those homes whose need is the highest, where economics are ideal, and where the measured success of a project will be highest.
Analyzed regional data is sent to our digital marketing team, who applies their specialized consumer analytics to further isolate the best candidates for services. Once complete, outreach is conducted directly to the targeted homes.

The Upshot

Empower is the most powerful digital marketing platform available, but when we load it with personalized relevant information for a consumer, that only we have access to, it creates the most efficient marketing engine built to date.