What Homeowners Should Look for In Energy Efficiency Solution Providers

You shouldn’t have to be a mechanical or civil engineer, or an accountant, to easily save money on home energy bills and make your home more comfortable and healthier.
You can get someone to do all that for you for free or with no out-of- pocket costs.
Here’s how:

Make sure the solution provider is aligned with your power or gas company, or a well-known manufacturer like Owens Corning.

This means that they have been vetted by one of the most trusted companies in your community. This also means that there is a lot of support around the solutions to make sure that they work for you.

Look for a free remote energy analysis dashboard that easily explains where your home may be falling short and can be easily upgraded.

It should be as easy to read as your car dashboard and explain exactly what things in your home would be a good investment such as insulation or lighting and the exact amount of money you can save. It should be based on your home’s data and usage – not an average of your neighbors. There’s no need anymore for someone to visit your home and take up valuable time.

Call or Chat Feature for Customer Service

Make sure that you can call or chat with the solution provider to get any answers you need, and also resolve any issues you may have once you make a purchase or schedule an installation.

Find a provider that will manage rebates and other incentives for you.

Rebates are often time sensitive and also require some properly filled out paperwork. It’s easy to do – if it’s something you do everyday.

Clear Route on What to Buy

You should have a clear route on how to take action including what to buy, how to buy it, and how much it will cost. The information is not enough, you have to have a way to do something about it easily.

Look for a company that also provides financing.

A lot of financing is available from governments and power companies at low rates. It should all be available as part of the package.

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