Winter Weather is Coming! Take Steps to Save Money on Your Energy Bills and Make Your Home More Comfortable.

Wow! This Ohio winter weather has been a pleasure, hasn’t it? But it won’t last long! Take Steps to Save Money on Your Energy Bills and Make Your Home More Comfortable.

But the meteorologists are all starting to weigh in – it’s been a mild winter thus far, but winter weather is indeed headed our way!

Break from winter coming to an end

Ohio Winter Weather Forecast for January, Early February

2017 Ohio weather predictions: warmer temperatures, average precipitation, NOAA says

Ben Gelber: Expect February to bring back winter

With cold weather comes high energy costs, drafty rooms and cold floors in the morning. But did you know that all of this can be avoided with proper energy efficiency upgrades?

Empower is here to help you lower your heating bills and make your home more comfortable with the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up.

Inadequate insulation and air sealing are the typical culprits of high energy bills and drafty, cold rooms. Empower fixes this problem with our turnkey process and exceptional service. We install more insulation, air seal the attic and basement areas, and then outfit you with a new smart thermostat that helps you better manage your home’s energy use.

And the cost? Well, it could be NOTHING!

With the Empower PAYS (Pay As You Save) payment plan, homeowners can pay for the installation of the Empower Home Energy Tune Up through the savings you will realize on your energy bills. In most cases, the savings are equal to or higher than the cost. So homeowners don’t have to spend a single penny more to make your home energy efficient. We offer 3-year and 5-year Empower PAYS plans where the install of our package is added to your energy bills through the payment period. At the end of your payment period, our package cost falls off, and you are now spending even less on your energy bills.
It is the simplest way to start saving money without having to spend money.

Rebates Available

Save even more when you take advantage of rebates that may be available in your area:

Visit our savings calculator
, input your address, and find out how much money you should be saving on your energy bills.

But act fast! We can complete your installation project in as little as two weeks. So when the winter weather really hits, you’ll be comfortable in your home, and may not have to pay a penny to invest in your home.