10 No-Brainer Ways to Save or Make Money

We call the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up a No-Brainer
Around the office and in the field, we like to call our residential energy efficiency package a “no brainer” for homeowners. Why? Because installing the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up is like adding an extra $300 to $1,000 to your bank account due to saving that money on your energy bills. At its core, the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up is a low cost way to address simple things in your home that are costing you the most money on your energy bills. Insulation and air sealing are typically the primary culprits of wasting energy – or money, for that matter. And the Empower Home Energy Tune-Up addresses these two culprits, making the energy savings significant.
So it’s a no-brainer. Install our energy efficiency package, and simply save money for doing nothing else.
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10 Other No-Brainer Money Making Tools
In the spirit of our no-brainer, “put extra money in your pocket for just living life as you normally would”, Empower Home Energy Tune-Up package, here are ten (10) other no-brainer ways to simply put extra cash into your pocket with little-to-no effort. All of these are either smart phone or web browser apps. These are no particular order, by the way.


eBates is probably the simplest way to earn cash back for simply shopping online. Just download and install the web browser app, and any time you visit one of their 1,000+ retail sites, you earn cash back – 4%, 10%, whatever. It changes depending on what the retailer wants to offer.

Get ebates!


Have you ever gone to a site to buy something, and when you go to check out, there is a space to put a promotional code to save on the purchase? Who’s receiving those promotional codes, and how do I get on the list? Well, with Honey, it doesn’t matter. Honey – another web browser app – combs the web aggregating online coupon codes. Hit a retailer that has a coupon code out there somewhere, and Honey will alert you, and offer to apply that code to your purchase. It’s that simple!

Get Honey!


An annoying part of shopping is realizing that the shoes you bought, for instance, are now ten dollars cheaper today than they were when you bought them last week. Look, lots of retailers have policies that allow you to get the difference back on a purchased item if the price happens to drop shortly after buying it. But you have to be vigilante about it days after the purchase to make sure the price hasn’t dropped…until now. Slice not only alerts you to a price drop on a previous purchase, it also does the work for you to get you the dollar difference. The software “searches” you email inbox for receipts of recent purchases. If it finds one where the item you bought dropped in price, Slice goes to work for you!

Get Slice!


Finding the cheapest gas prices near you – whether you’re traveling or close to home – is simply with GasBuddy. This app simply finds the gas station selling the cheapest gas at any given time. It even gives you directions to the station.

Get GasBuddy at your app store.


Ever been standing in line for check out at a store, and wondered if there were any coupons to that retailer in this week’s newspaper? No need to clip coupons with CouponSherpa. Just search the CouponSherpa app to see if you’re in a store that’s offering a coupon. Click the coupon, and show the cashier at check out. That’s it!

Get CouponSherpa!


ShopKick is such a simple way to earn gift cards to popular stores. And you don’t even have to buy anything. Just visit a store like Best Buy or Target, check in with ShopKick, and earn points. Then, you redeem the points for gift cards.

Get ShopKick!

Out To Eat With Kids

There are lots of restaurants out there that offer “kids eat free” days. but keeping track of which days are for which restaurants is like remembering every phone number to all your friends. Impossible. Well, Out To Eat With Kids has you covered. Just pull up the app on your phone, and find area restaurants with “kids eat free” promotions.

Get Out To Eat With Kids!

Happy Hour Finder

Nobody likes to pay full price for a drink if you don’t have to. And everyone is wants to find a happy hour watering hole. Get the Happy Hour Finder, and locate bars and restaurants offering happy hour prices on food and drinks.

Get Happy Hour Finder!


So you’re looking at twelve pack of toilet paper at one price, but notice there’s a 62-pack on the bottom shelf for another, higher price. You’ve heard that buying in bulk is the cheaper way to go. But not all bulk is created equally. And doing that math in your head will just add precious time to your store visit as you try to determine if bulk is indeed the cheaper path. With Apples-to-Oranges, you can now determine quickly whether the bulk pricing is worth the extra up-front cash.

Get Apples-to-Oranges!


Online shopping is convenient. And here, we’ve showed you a lot of ways to save or make money while shopping online. ReceiptHog goes a different direction – providing shoppers with cash back when making purchases at brick-and-mortar stores. Just snap a picture of your receipt when you get home, and ReceiptHog will send you a check every so often equating to a small percentage of your purchase.

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