Over 1,300 households have received EmpowerSaves proposals to lower their energy costs!

EmpowerSaves Energy Efficiency Package will keep your home cool & comfortable all summer long.

Proper attic insulation and air sealing have the same positive impacts on your home in the summer months as it does in the winter. That means lower energy bills, a more comfortable house and a healthier air quality.

It starts with a quick attic inspection.

Empower uses state of the art energy data analytics to accurately estimate how much you could save on your energy bills. This analysis is based on your address and this information will not be shared or used for any purpose other than delivering you a customized energy savings report.
Save up to 30% on your
energy bills
Installing new attic insulation and air sealing the attic space is the most effective way to cut your energy bills significantly. Plus, your home will feel more comfortable all year long.
No Money Down |
No Interest |
Pay Monthly
We are the only energy services provider that can access the Duke Class Benefit Fund (DCBF) for Greater Cincinnati homeowners. Professional installation with no money down and no interest. Just make monthly payments.
Brand Name Products
Professional Service
EmpowerSaves uses only environmentally-responsible Owens Corning insulation. Our package is installed using a local Preferred Owens Corning Contractor. After a quick attic inspection, our installer will provide you with your monthly costs, and schedule your installation.
Limited Time! No Money Down
No Interest

The Duke Class Benefit Fund is the easiest way to secure interest free, no money down financing to make your home more energy efficient.

Duke Energy customers were awarded an $80 million settlement due to overbilling between 2005 & 2008. EmpowerSaves was chosen as the exclusive partner to help Greater Cincinnati homeowners make energy efficiency improvements in their homes.

But the dollars are limited, so act now!

Your path to energy savings

Start with your personalized energy savings report
Schedule a quick attic inspection with our energy professionals
Approve your monthly costs, and schedule installation

Helping households beat back
the winter weather while
savings money

Buildings Analyzed
Total Savings Identified

Here's how it works

Empower uses state of the art energy analytic software to analyze utility bills to find out how you can save money, improve the comfort of your home and reduce your environmental impact.

Data Partnerships
Empower partners with Duke Energy Ohio for utility usage data, your county tax assessor for property records, and the National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association for weather data. This data is what powers our energy savings analysis.

Energy Analysis
The first thing we do is look at how you are using energy depending on how hot and cold it is outside. This let's us understand what solutions might have the biggest impact for savings you money. For example, if you're using a lot of energy in the winter, you might need to upgrade your furnace or add some weatherstripping to reduce drafts.

Building Analysis
Finally, we take your energy analysis and look at how big or small your home is. This allows us to make sure we are recommending the right solutions because big, medium and small homes all have different needs. This also allows us to precisely predict how much you could save if you upgraded your home.

Empowering Your Community
Home on Dunmore Rd - Cincinnati, OH
1,835 sq. ft. | Built in 1936
Annual Savings
This homeowner saved thousands by installing insulation and a smart thermostat.

Our Partners

When you partner with Empower, you can put our partners to work to save on energy and products — and make your home more comfortable while increasing its value.

On a mission lead Cincinnati City Government and the larger community toward sustainability and the practice of good environmental stewardship.
Owens Corning delivers high-performance residential building insulation solutions through a full line of fiberglass, foam, and mineral wool products and systems.
Save on your energy bills. Ecobee owners save an average of 23% on heating and cooling annually.
One of the largest electric power holding companies in the United States, supplying and delivering electricity to approximately 7.4 million U.S. customers.