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Empower is a new kind of company. We specialize in home energy efficiency and helping Ohio homeowners save money on their energy bills. Our trained energy efficiency consultants work with you to develop custom strategies that make your home more energy efficient.

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Attic Insulation

Because heat rises, having proper insulation in your attic is essential to preventing your heat from escaping through your roof. Insulating your attic and sealing points of air leakage are two of the best ways to increase home energy efficiency and lower utility bills. According to the home construction and remodeling industries, about 90% of U.S. homes are under-insulated. If yours is one of them, it could cost you hundreds per year.

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HVAC Tune Up

Furnaces and air conditioners often become less efficient over time. A simple cleaning and tune-up improves equipment performance, effectively lowering energy costs to heat and cool your home by as much as 20 percent. Our HVAC Tune-Ups include three components:

AC System Inspection

We'll inspect your AC unit for signs of wear and tear and make sure that refrigerant levels are where they need to be and air filters are in good shape.


Once we've inspected your AC system and furnace, we will thoroughly clean them to make sure they function optimally.


If we detect any problems with your furnace or ductwork, such as leaks or broken or faulty components, a technician will fix them on the spot.

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Smart Thermostat Installation

The energy you use to heat or cool your home comprises a large portion of your utility expenses. Many homeowners benefit from installing a smart thermostat, which raises and lowers the temperature in your home according to your activities and preferences—even when you're not home. According to the government's Energy Star program, households that use a programmable thermostat can save about $180 a year on heating and cooling costs.

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Custom Energy Saving Packages

Schedule a FREE energy assessment to see if your home could benefit from our low-cost energy efficiency upgrades. We're happy to put together a package tailored to your needs or offer any of our services individually. Our free in-home consultations take about an hour and could save you between $300-1,000 per year in energy costs, and our financing options allow you to pay for the upgrades over time using the money you're saving on your heating and cooling bills.

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